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Got a project?

Submit & edit your project

Have a blockchain project you're passionate about and would like to find contributors?

We offer a straightforward process for getting your project in front of a strong community of developers. In this post, we'll walk you through the submission process and how to keep your project details up to date.

Submitting your project
Once you have created an account and connected yourself with GitHub, you can submit an open-source project that you manage. Make sure that the repo is public and visible.

To submit your project to OnlyDust, simply head to On the bottom left, you'll see an "add it here" button.

Clicking on this will guide you through easy onboarding steps:

  • Synchronize your GitHub organization(s).
  • Choose which repository you'd like to add to the platform. Again, ensure your repository is public so it appears on OnlyDust.

Editing your project
Once your project is live, editing is easy-peasy. Go to your project page and select the "edit project" tab on the right side of your screen. Here, you can:

  • Update the project's name and description.
  • Add visuals and a "more info" section.
  • Include contact methods, like Telegram or Discord groups, and other resources.
  • Indicate if you're looking for contributors and select project leads to help manage your project.

The more info, the better
Keeping your project information current and comprehensive is important. It not only helps attract the right contributors but also ensures your project stands out and makes it easier for contributors to reach out to you.

Have budget?
Please contact the team ( to help put your budget in the project so that you can continue rewarding your contributors for eligible contributions.