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Got a project?

Contributor dashboard & rewarding

Once you've got your project up and running, you may start having a few contributors that have joined! We have created a dashboard where you can have a simple overview of your contributors and their contributions. All synched from GitHub. This makes it simple for you to know who to reward.

Contributor dashboard
On your project page, on the left hand side, you will see the following tabs: “overview”, “contributors”, “contributions”, “rewards”.

When you click on the “contributors” tab, you will have an overview of your contributors, number of contributions, rewards they have received and what they have earned. You will also see a tab of “to reward”. This gives you an overview of the types of contributions the contributor made and what you can reward them on.

On the “contributions” tab, you will see a dashboard that shows all the contributions that have been made - whether they are complete, in progress or canceled. This dashboard helps you to have a better overview of the work that has been done. As mentioned, this is synced from GitHub, so everything you see in the dashboard is in real-time.

Rewarding contributions
If you have allocated budget, you will be able to reward contributions in just a few clicks on OnlyDust!

There are two ways to do so.

On your project page, either click on the top right corner of your page on “reward contributor” or look at the left hand side of your screen where you will see “overview”, “contributors”, “contributions”, “rewards”. Click on “rewards”.

If you go through the second process, you will be able to see a dashboard of your remaining budget, amount spent, reward sent and how many contributors you rewarded. That way you have a better overview of how you are spending and how much you can spend!

To reward a contributor, simply search for the contributor’s GitHub handle or go into the “contributors” tab to have an overview of contributors that have participated in your project and reward from there.

Oftentimes, we've been asked what is the amount recommended for rewards. We recommend the equivalent of $500 per day of work. But please bare in mind this depends on the contribution and on your budget.