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Starknet Grant - Feb & March 2024


And the votes are in for the Starknet Grant Applications!

We're happy to showcase the winners for this month's grant. We want to again thank our dedicated council of 40 members who cast their votes. As a reminder, the voting was based on:

  • The project’s value to the ecosystem
  • Innovation
  • Attractiveness
  • Commitment to the ecosystem

This month, we had 38 high-quality projects who have applied. Below are the lucky winners:

The Cairo Book: 15982 STRK

Your ultimate guide to the Cairo 1 programming language. Developed in partnership with the StarkWare team, this comprehensive documentation is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Starknet community. A resource designed to ensure accuracy, relevance, and alignment with Cairo's foundational principles.

Starknet.js: 15982 STRK

A pivotal JavaScript library tailored for StarkNet, facilitating seamless integration and interaction for web developers within the Starknet ecosystem.

Cairo Native: 15015 STRK

Revolutionizing contract execution with lightning-fast compilation to native object code. Cairo Native leverages MLIR technology to drastically reduce execution costs and enhance network resilience against DDoS attacks, promising an optimized developer experience and network efficiency.

Starknet React: 15015 STRK

A suite of React hooks inspired by wagmi and powered by starknet.js, StarkNet React bridges the gap between StarkNet and React developers, offering powerful tools for creating dynamic, user-friendly web applications.

Orion: 15015 STRK

Harness the power of ONNX Runtime inference to expedite customer experiences and reduce operational costs. Orion supports a wide array of models from leading frameworks, enabling versatile machine learning applications.

Apibara: 14049 STRK

A groundbreaking framework and protocol for crafting real-time, composable data streams. Apibara elegantly addresses the volatility of blockchain data, ensuring reliability and continuity in data streaming applications.

Starknet in Rust: 13082 STRK

A robust library that reimagines the execution of Starknet transactions in Rust, offering improved scalability, performance, and security. This project represents a meticulous effort to replicate and enhance the functionality of the original Python implementation.

Platinum Prover: 13082 STRK

A cutting-edge STARK Cairo prover within the Lambdaworks repository, utilizing lambdaworks to boost blockchain scalability through provable program execution. The Platinum Prover is a beacon of innovation in the realm of cryptographic proofs.

Garaga: 12115 STRK

An efficient pairing library that leverages polynomial representations for field elements. Written in Cairo, Garaga exemplifies the innovative use of mathematical concepts to enhance cryptographic operations.

Shhtarknet: 11995 STRK

A pioneering service for managing secrets within StarkNet smart contracts, offering a secure framework for the generation and utilization of confidential data.

Abi WAN TS: 11149 STRK

An intuitive TypeScript parser for Cairo smart contracts, inspired by wagmi/abitype. This tool enhances developers' efficiency with early error detection and autocomplete functionalities, streamlining the contract development process.

Cairo VM: 11091 STRK

A new and improved virtual machine for the Cairo language, crafted in Rust for unmatched performance and safety. Cairo VM accelerates the execution of Cairo programs, facilitating a more efficient and secure ecosystem for developers and network components alike.

Deoxys: 11149 STRK

A full node client implementation that leverages substrate and rust, Deoxys unlocks new potentials for full nodes on Starknet, enhancing the ecosystem's robustness and scalability.

Starknet.dart: 10182 STRK

An SDK offering type-safe interactions with StarkNet smart contracts, Starknet,dart enhances developer experiences with its comprehensive support for smart contract integration and interaction.

Devnet-rs: 10182 STRK

A Starknet state wrapper, Devnet-rs provides a streamlined environment for developers, akin to Anvil/Ganache, facilitating easier testing and development processes.

RealmsWorld: 10182 STRK

Guarded by BibliothecaDAO, RealmsWorld is an autonomous, open-source gaming ecosystem on Starknet, promising innovative gaming experiences rooted in blockchain technology.

Nicera Labs: 10182 STRK

At the intersection of art and technology, Nicera Labs pioneers open-source libraries and artistic endeavors, blending creativity with technological innovation in remarkable ways.

TheArkProject: 10182 STRK

An open-source protocol for digital asset (NFT) exchanges on Starknet, TheArkProject aims to streamline liquidity solutions within the Starknet ecosystem.

WASM Cairo: 9215 STRK

Facilitating Cairo code execution in browsers, WASM Cairo embodies a serverless and backendless infrastructure, simplifying DApp development and deployment.

ERC6551: Token Bound Accounts on Starknet: 8249 STRK

Introducing a system where NFTs can own assets and interact with applications seamlessly, ERC6551 brings a novel concept of token bound accounts to Starknet.

cairovm-codes: 8249 STRK

An open-source debugger for Cairo programs, cairovm-codes is a vital tool for developers seeking to streamline their coding and debugging processes.

SphinxDB: 7282 STRK

A layer-3 validium database solution, SphinxDB ensures trustless queries with proof verification on Starknet, enhancing data integrity and security.

Carmine Options AMM: 7282 STRK

Carmine Options AMM offers a comprehensive risk management platform, enabling stakers, traders, and investors to hedge and insure their portfolios across various chains.

Carbonable: 6315 STRK

Committed to actionable and verifiable carbon removal, Carbonable utilizes Cairo and StarkNet to foster transparency and efficiency in carbon management efforts.

WTF Academy Starknet: 5349 STRK

An open-source web3 university, WTF Academy aims to onboard thousands of developers to the web3 space, offering SBT certificates upon course completion.


A dynamic NFT marketplace on Starknet, built by and for the community, FLEX MARKETPLACE is set to revolutionize the way NFTs are traded and collected.

DeRisk: 5349 STRK

An open-source, risk monitoring platform, DeRisk serves as an early warning system to detect and mitigate financial risks in the decentralized finance space.

Starkane: 4382 STRK

Embark on a journey through Eldoria in Starkane, a turn-based tactical RPG that immerses players in strategic battles and exploration in a rich, open world.

Starknet Quest: 4382 STRK

Enhancing user engagement through gamified quests, Starknet Quest helps protocols attract and retain users with its innovative approach to interactive experiences.

Starknet CSV History Exporter: 1482 STRK

A simple python tool for exporting wallet transactions to CSV, facilitating easier tax reporting and financial tracking for Starknet users.

zConqueror: 1482 STRK

Inspired by Risk, zConqueror is a strategic game developed on the Dojo framework, challenging players to conquer territories and dominate opponents through effective management and strategy.

Each project has received grants that will help support their advancements and rewarding contributions! Next round will come up in April.