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ODHack 5.0: πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

β€” OnlyDust

πŸ™Œ Welcome ODHackers! The Fifth Edition is Back!

😎 Join us for 10 days starting June 20th to contribute, collaborate, and earn rewards!

We are very excited to kick off this edition with projects from various ecosystems & universes.

Say hello to Stellar, Starknet, Optimism, HylΓ© and...possibly more to come πŸ˜‰!

Awesome to have them onboard, and we hope you’ll make the most of it!

For those new to game (or need a quick reminder), ODHacks are a recurring monthly event to support the open-source journey.

The goal is to welcome contributors (new or old) who are interested in exploring new projects, as well as giving a boost to top projects and ecosystems looking for future contributions.

So far, so good on all sides!

So here is how it works:

Step 1️⃣ : Register on OnlyDust

If you haven't already, make sure to sign up on OnlyDust to participate and qualify for rewards.

Then, head over here to register for the ODHack 5.0!

Step 2️⃣ : Join the Telegram Group

Stay connected and up to date by joining our Telegram group! Each project will also have its own means of contact.

Step 3️⃣ : Browse through the projects

Check out the projects participating in this edition to become familiar with them.

⚠️ Please note that some may pop up along the way as there are a few that are just being created!

When D-day (June 20) arrives, you can begin.

Step 4️⃣ : Ask to Be Assigned & Contribute (Starting June 20th)

❗ To give everyone a fair chance, when you find an issue you'd like to tackle, introduce yourself, send over your OnlyDust (or GitHub) profile, and explain how you would solve the issue.

It is important to select issues that match your skills to have a better chance of being assigned. Then, you can start making your mark!

Note: Be fair and respectful, please! No more than one issue assigned at a time to give everyone a chance. Here are the guidelines that would be great for you to read.

πŸ’› And lastly, enjoy! If your contribution is eligible, you’ll get rewarded via OnlyDust.

Now, let's introduce the projects & ecosystems below! Please note that we will be having community calls the 18/19 of June to introduce the projects even further! Will be sharing those details soon.

And if you are in Mumbai, we've got a meet-up (June 15th):
And if you are by any chance in Accra, we've got a meet-up (June 18th) with the Mu x Blockheaderweb3:

First up, let’s give it up for Stellar! Two exciting projects are participating in this edition. Here is a bit of background info:

Stellar is a decentralized, public blockchain that gives developers the tools to create experiences that are more like cash than crypto. The network is faster, cheaper, and far more energy-efficient than most blockchain-based systems. It’s designed so Stellar’s ecosystem can make a real-world, lasting impact.

You can build on Stellar in two ways: leverage the Stellar operations for efficient payment, on-offramp, and tokenization functionality, or use the Rust-based smart contracts platform for more innovative financial solutions.

The Stellar Development Foundation, a nonprofit, leads the network's growth and offers funding opportunities, including the Stellar Community Fund.

Two projects are participating:

Stellar Wallets Kit: The Stellar ecosystem have multiple wallets available, all of them have different ways to connect and if we also include external wallets like hardware wallets make it harder.

With this kit, all connections are handle from a single library.


Typescript skilled contributors - this is for you!

Create-soroban-dapp: helps developers to kickstart their Soroban journey with all the needed configuration for a web3 project.

Soroban is an incredibly useful network for on-ramps and off-ramps, offering very low costs and rapid transaction speeds. With Soroban, you can create a wide range of DeFi protocols or tokens effortlessly.


It's exciting as it's relatively new on Stellar! You get to try out their smart contracts.

How to get started: Create-soroban-dapp is a boilerplate designed to kickstart your development on Soroban. It includes all the necessary configurations to deploy and test smart contracts, and to interact with them using a frontend. Various browser extension wallets are supported to enhance your development experience.
Rust and Typescript contributors: they are looking for you!

Second up is HylΓ©! Your minimal layer one, focused only on verifying zero-knowledge proofs.

By sending a simple proof to be verified on HylΓ©, you can build a fully off-chain application powered by ZKPs that still has the security guarantees of the blockchain.

Their open-source repos are the following:

If you are into ZK and have experience, this is for you! No front-end devs please. Rust & Go language skills come here.

Then comes two projects from Optimism! Optimism is a scalable, decentralized network enabling transparent and equitable digital governance.

We’ve got Concrete who is back for a second round πŸ₯³.Concrete blockchains are general-purpose EVM rollups that have been enhanced at the protocol level to meet the needs of a specific use case, like expensive cryptography, spatial indexing, or complex digital physics.

With the Concrete API, you can build a rollup that fits your needs, without having to deal with the low-level complexity of forking an Ethereum client.


Go contributors are very welcome!

And a new one that has just been added (so stay tuned πŸ‘€): OPScan. It is a lightweight transaction explorer for the OP Stack. Very happy to have them onboard!


Great for front-end devs! Node, React, JS, this is for you!

Lastly, but not least, Starknet projects! We've got exciting new ones and a returning one that was successful in the 2nd ODHack! Starknet can be described as: Secure scaling for Ethereum. Experience unlimited scalability with robust security and decentralization using advanced STARK technology.

The participating projects:

Carbonable: Carbonable is leveraging Cairo and Starknet to enhance carbon removal's actionability and verifiability. Their technology promotes transparency and validates sustainability efforts in various sectors, aiming to be a guiding force for both individuals and organizations towards environmentally verifiable actions.



Good for those skilled in Cairo & Go!

Influence: New one on the block! Influence is a grand strategy MMO set in the Adalia universe and built on Starknet. It is built to be highly composable and extensible and encourages the creation of additional games, tools, and onchain contract interactions.


Javascript & Typescript contributors, come check it out!

Mancala: A classic strategy board game being rebuilt on Starknet with Dojo game engine!


Got the following skills: React, TypeScript, dojo.js, Cairo πŸ‘€? They're looking for you!

Atoma Network:  A next generation decentralized network building an intelligence layer for AI inference and general compute.

Atoma brings the power of versatile computing to smart contracts to scale your Web3 applications. Imagine AWS lambda functionality for Web3.


Rustaceans πŸ¦€, this is for you!

Hyperlane Starknet: An interchain communication platform enabling permissionless blockchain interoperability. It supports modular security, customizable interchain security models, and tools for interchain messaging and querying. Visit Hyperlane for more information.

Sponsor: Pragma

Cairo contributors, test your skills out! Plus if you come from Node Guardians, remember, you'll get boosted πŸ˜‰.

Others may drop soon and will be communicated!