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ODHack 3.0


Welcome all for this third edition of the ODHack set to start on April 22nd!

Following valuable feedback from past participants, this edition will run for 10 days, followed by an additional 2-3 days for project leads to review final contributions, merge PRs and distribute rewards!

For those of you new to the game, ODHack is becoming a monthly event to support the open-source journey.

The goal is three-folds:

  • Welcoming newcomers,
  • Supporting regular contributors interested in exploring new projects,
  • Giving projects a boost looking for future contributions.

We’re happy to say that so far it has proved to be successful for both contributors and project leads.

But that’s maybe because you all have been awesome 😉.

So, what is happening this time round?


Following exchanges with past contributors and project leads, we're introducing detailed guidelines to enhance your ODHack experience. These improvements are all about making your participation more impactful and enjoyable. Please find them here.

Rewards and Merch

We know everyone loves the ODHack swag and rewards! As an eligible contributor, you will get some 😊. However, please note that due to some delays in production, we're working hard to get those merch to you as soon as possible.

Telegram group

Stay connected and updated by joining our Telegram group! To facilitate better collaboration and communication, each project will also have its own dedicated Telegram group. Details will be shared. Make sure to introduce yourself! You never know if there is someone else close to you that is equally participating!

Meet-ups & Community Call

Stay tuned via Twitter as we’re having a few meet-ups coming up as well as a community call to present the ODHack! You have one coming up in Paris, in London, in Dubai and in Malaga! These are great opportunities to engage with the community and get to know us.

Issues, issues, issues

ODHack is for everyone (nearly)! We're offering issues suitable for all levels of expertise. Whether you're a newbie looking to make your first contribution or an oldie looking to up-skill, there is something for all.

So, how can you join?

Joining ODHack is simple:

  1. Mark your calendar for April 22nd to May 1st 2024.
  2. Register on OnlyDust if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Join the main Telegram group to get the latest news, ask questions and so forth.
  4. Check out the list of projects — pick where you feel you can make the biggest impact.
  5. Start contributing when the D-Day arrives (April 22nd)! Select issues that match your skills, get assigned and go!!

Remember, if your contribution is eligible, you’ll get rewarded via OnlyDust.

As we gear up for the launch, please find below projects that will be part of this edition with a brief overview of each! On the 22nd of April, they will be updated with the repos, and maybe other projects to come 😉.

Orion (Giza): Back for a second run as the first one was successful 🎉 - Orion is an open-source project focused on Provable Machine Learning. It stands out for enabling AI models to work smoothly with various AI frameworks, thanks to its unique ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) runtime.

They need contributors to help them build the tech stack for integrating trust-minimized Machine Learning into decentralized applications.

That means you’ll be able to contribute to 3 different Giza projects: ZKML framework Orion, ML-optimized Datasets Ecosystem, and the AI Actions SDK.


For more info on Giza/Orion:
AI Actions:
The end-to-end solution for integrating ML into Web3.

Giza Datasets:
Curated and labeled datasets for building and training models for Web3:

Actions SDK:
Python-based toolkit designed to facilitate the integration of ML into web3 workflows:

Giza Agents:
A modular and extensible agentic framework for integrating ML into on-chain strategy and action.

All Giza Docs:

Starknet Quest

Starknet Quest: They help protocols attract and retain users by creating gamified quest experiences on Starknet. If you want to understand more, we have a detailed blog post by contributor Solène right here.



Realmsworld: Realms World (a high-performance zkVM L3) & Underware (gaming studio) join in the ODHack to bring about a world of onchain games built with Dojo. Powered by $Lords.



Starknet.js: JavaScript library for Starknet. Along with their open issues, they are looking for contributors to add any missing tests, improve documents, give examples for other devs.


Devnet-rs For those wanting to test out their Rust skills - is a local testnet for Starknet... in Rust! Same as above, they are also looking for contributors to add any missing tests and improve documentation!



Cairo Native (LAMBDACLASS): Also back for a second run (yay!), Cairo Native is revolutionizing the speed and cost-efficiency of running contract code and validating transactions by compiling Cairo to native object code. Utilizing MLIR, it seeks to lower network operation costs, protect against DDoS attacks, and improve developer experience by integrating with sequencer implementations and devnet tooling.


Job Application for Distributed Systems Engineer, Starknet Ecosystem at  Nethermind

Cairo VM Go (Nethermind): And because we had quite a bit of Go contributors last time, this project is a great place to learn about virtual machines or flex your optimisation chops. In this project, every millisecond counts. There are many good self-contained tasks available which are easy to get into.



Starknet-Scaffold (Argent): And the third project back this time round (always a pleasure!), Starknet Scaffold is a detailed open-source, up-to-date toolkit for building decentralized applications (dapps) on Starknet, comprising the most popular and functional tools.


Unruggable Meme: Tired of getting rugpulled? Introducing Unruggable Memecoin, a project designed with security and transparency at its core. Our innovative contracts and safeguards ensure a fair and secure experience for all users.