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ODHack 2.0


ODHack is back!

Mark your calendars: March 18-24 2024!

Remember, first comes, first serves so be prepared for D-Day! Issues tend to be assigned on the very first day.

We're excited to roll out the second edition of ODHack, building on the success of the first event! A big thank you to everyone who participated last time—we're aiming to make this edition even more impactful based on your feedback.

ODHack is set to become a regular event to support the open-source journey, which we know can sometimes feel like a solo adventure. The first ODHack set a solid foundation, creating a space where contributors could engage with open issues tailored to their skill sets, and we're eager to build on that.

This is why we want to make the ODhacks a monthly event - virtually and physically. This aims to welcome newcomers, promote open-source contribution, and support regular contributors interested in exploring new projects. It is also to help give projects a boost looking to onboard new contributors to further advance their goals!

So what’s up in this edition:

  • Continued rewards (& merch): Just like the first edition, we'll be recognizing your contributions with rewards, ensuring your efforts don't go unnoticed.
  • Global meetups: For the first time, we're hosting meetups in India (Indore), Costa Rica (San José), and Nigeria (Kaduna), offering you the chance to connect, collaborate, and share with fellow contributors in person!
  • Telegram Group: Join our new Telegram group to stay updated, follow through with projects more easily, and support one another. This community space is where we'll share important announcements and facilitate discussions!
  • Issues for all levels: A number of issues have been opened with many “good first issues” and others spanning different difficulty levels.

How to join the ODHack:

  1. Register on OnlyDust: If you haven't already, make sure to sign up on OnlyDust to participate and qualify for rewards.
  2. Join the Telegram group here: stay posted, ask questions and so forth.
  3. Pick your project: Check out the projects participating in this edition to become familiar with it and when the D-day (March 18th) is here, go, go, go!
  4. Contribute (starting March 18th): Select issues that match your skills, get assigned, and start making your mark! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!

And lastly, enjoy! If your contribution is eligible, you’ll get rewarded via OnlyDust.

So mark your calendars for March 18th, and let's get ready for another incredible edition of ODHack!

As we count down to the launch, let’s take a look at the projects in this edition! We’re happy to introduce projects that are making significant contributions across various domains, from environmental sustainability to technological innovation in gaming and art!

Below, you’ll find brief overviews of each. On March 18, they will be updated with the repos.

  • Cairo Native (LAMBDACLASS): Cairo Native is revolutionizing the speed and cost-efficiency of running contract code and validating transactions by compiling Cairo to native object code. Utilizing MLIR, it seeks to lower network operation costs, protect against DDoS attacks, and improve developer experience by integrating with sequencer implementations and devnet tooling.

    Repo here
Cairo VM gs
  • Cairo VM gs: Cairo VM gs introduces an educational approach to understanding Cairo's "Relocatable" concept by using spreadsheets. It aims for 100% casm code compatibility, focusing on visual clarity and meaningful displays in spreadsheets.

    Repo here
  • Cairovm-codes: Developed by Walnut, Cairovm-codes is an open-source debugger for Cairo programs, allowing compilation into Sierra and CASM. The project is set to introduce step-through execution for these languages, enhancing the debugging experience for Cairo developers.

Repo here

Dappicom — NES Emulation in Noir
  • Dappicom (Aztec): Dappicom is at the forefront of provable gaming, presenting a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator built in Noir and Rust. It's a ZKVM that supports the MOS 6502 instruction set along with NES quirks, offering a unique blend of gaming nostalgia and cutting-edge cryptographic verification.

    Repo here
Nicera Labs
  • Nicera Labs: Nicera Labs is at the intersection of autonomous art and technology, developing open-source libraries that facilitate the fusion of artistic creativity and tech innovation. Through collaboration with Nicera Dance Company, they extend these efforts into live performances, pushing the boundaries of interactive and autonomous art.


    1. Koji
    2. Cairo-wave

And lastly, but not least: We're incredibly grateful to the organizers and all the projects making this event possible. Your enthusiasm and collaboration are what make ODHack such a unique and rewarding experience.

Let’s go!