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ODHack: 1st edition


Welcome to the very first edition of the ODHack where 100K grants ($, OP & STRK) will be distributed! We are excited to start this out 🔥.

We've all been there—sifting through countless repositories, searching for open issues that match our skill sets. It's time-consuming and, honestly, a bit disheartening.

But worry no more!

Starting today (15 Feb) and for the next 10 days, you will get the opportunity to contribute to a selected few projects that have a selection of issues ready for grabs!

The goal of ODHack is to connect you with amazing projects who need your contributions and in return, reward you for a job-well done.

So don't miss out, it starts NOW.

How it works:

  • First, sign up on OnlyDust (if you haven't yet done so). This is important, because all potential rewards for your contribution goes through here.
  • Second, get familiar with the selected projects and look at their issues. Below, you'll find brief overviews of each project, alongside links to their repositories filled with "ODHack" tagged issues.
Note: some may not be tagged ODHack, but you can still go for it!
  • Third, start contributing. And if your work is eligible, you'll get rewarded.
  • That's it!

❤️ A huge, huge thank you to the project leads and the dev teams that have been SO supportive in getting this ball rolling!

Ready to tackle these challenges? It's first come, first served—so go, go, go!

But wait - there's more - Sign up below to claim your exclusive ODHack merch 😉.

Dojo: Dojo is a provable game engine built using Cairo. It establishes a standard for game development via smart contracts, blending best practices with streamlined development and deployment tools. With Dojo by your side, you can evolve from initial concept to a fully realized game in days, not weeks.

Repo: here


Orion: Orion is an open-source project focused on Provable Machine Learning. It stands out for enabling AI models to work smoothly with various AI frameworks, thanks to its unique ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) runtime.

Repo: here

Note: there are some issues that are not tagged ODHack in here, but feel free to also tackle them! The issues below (which you will find in the repo) were specifically made for beginners:

  • Refactor loops in Orion: Now that Orion supports Cairo 2.5.x, we should refactor loops in Orion with while loops when necessary, otherwise make sure the array looping is implemented in an idiomatic way.
  • Implement MaxPool operator: Now that Orion supports Conv, the MaxPool operator is missing to create a CNN.
  • TreeEnsemble: TreeEnsembleClassifier and TreeEnsembleRegressor are deprecated in ONNX. Replace them with the TreeEnsemble operator.
  • Implement the Normalizer operator
  • Implement the LabelEncoder operator

Starknet RPC Request Builder (Nethermind): The Starknet RPC Request Builder is an innovative, interactive web tool tailored for developers and users looking to interact seamlessly with the Starknet ecosystem. Built on the robust Nethermind's free RPC Service, this tool significantly simplifies the process of creating, modifying, and testing JSON-RPC requests.

Repo: here

Starknet Remix Plugin (Nethermind): Starknet Remix Plugin is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates with the Remix IDE, enabling developers to effortlessly deploy and interact with Starknet contracts! Whether you're a Cairo and Starknet wizard 🧙‍♂️ or taking your very first steps, this plugin supercharges your journey by providing an effortless way to deploy and interact with Starknet contracts.

Repo: here

Starknet Remix Plugin

Starknet-Scaffold (Argent): a detailed open-source, up-to-date toolkit for building decentralized applications (dapps) on Starknet, comprising the most popular and functional tools.

Repo: here


blobstream-starknet & sister repo "Piltover": blobstream-sn is a port of the Celestia Blobstream contracts in Cairo. This enables a Celestia -> Starknet messaging bridge for Starknet. Piltover is Starknet Core Contract components in Cairo.

Repo for Blobstream: here
Repo for Piltover:


0xFable: 0xFable is a fully on-chain trading card game, in the spirit of Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone.

Repo: here


Metamask Snap Avail: Experimental Metamask snap for Avail. It uses the MetaMask Snaps framework to extend MetaMask capabilities to include support for Avail. Substrate- and FRAME-based blockchains in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Repo: here

Metamask Snap Avail

Avail Web Light Client: An experimental web-based light client for Avail. It runs entirely in your browser to verify that block data is available, by verifying Avail's KZG commitment proofs locally.

Repo: here

Happy ODHacking!

And if you are interested in seeing other projects that we have on OnlyDust just click below.