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Building an OnlyDust army


Join the OnlyDust Brand Ambassador Program

Are you who we are looking for?

Over the past months, we’ve built an incredible global community, hosting meet-ups and events, and collaborating with a diverse group of passionate individuals. These experiences have shown us the power and potential of our community and we are very grateful for it.

Now, it’s time to take it a step further.

We’re introducing the Brand Ambassador Program to be more selective, choosing only the very top contributors of the community to help spread the word about OnlyDust. This approach will streamline communication and ensure we work with people we trust, who have a proven track record.

By becoming a brand ambassador, you’ll help us grow our community, share the story of OnlyDust, and support developers everywhere. This program is not just about spreading the word; it’s our way of thanking you and continuing to develop the spirit of open-source, OnlyDust, and web3.

Think you got in you?

It's your time to shine.

Through the brand ambassador program, we offer you the opportunity to be the face of OnlyDust. You'll be one of the key representatives of OnlyDust in your region and online. You'll have the chance to showcase your leadership skills and passion, becoming a recognized figure within the global developer community.

What we can offer:

  • Community engagement: Access budgets for hosting local meetups and events, and gain funding for hackathons or workshops. Grow your community and increase your reach.
  • Content and visibility: Contribute to and feature in our blog posts and Twitter spaces, helping you and your projects gain visibility.
  • Exclusive Access and networking: Receive exclusive invites to OnlyDust events and major industry conferences, and enjoy unique merch (coming soon). Enhance your network and enjoy high visibility within the community, supporting your journey as a leader in the developer ecosystem.
  • Enhance your impact: Help your followers and community members access valuable opportunities and learning experiences.

Taking it further.

The OnlyDust Brand Ambassador Program is also here to help you achieve your goals. We offer financial support for various activities to continue preaching the good word about open-source contributions 😉. Depending on the types of events or organizations you suggest, we can provide budget allocations to support your efforts.

In the table below, you will see how we can support.

OnlyDust Brand Ambassador Program budget allocations

- Budget Allocation: Each category is designed to support the specific needs of community events and activities, ensuring brand ambassadors can effectively engage and expand their local and online presence.

- Application: Ambassadors are encouraged to apply for funding with a brief plan and budget estimate for proposed activities. Approval is subject to OnlyDust review to ensure alignment with brand goals and community impact.

So, are you interested in being part of the team?

Please send in your application form here.

Tell us about your community, your expertise, and your vision for partnering with us.

Note that we expect you to have been a strong contributor on the platform and proven track record of getting the community together.