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How to start

Prepare to contribute

Found a project and ready to make your first contribution?


Before you start, we have some recommendations to ensure your contribution journey is as rewarding as possible:

Understanding open-source contribution
First things first, open-source is all about collaboration and contribution. The good news is, there's no formal acceptance required to start contributing. Dive in! But remember, alignment with a project's goals and expectations is key. If what you contribute doesn't fit, the collaboration might not work out. And that's okay—it's all part of the process.

A question that can arise: Why OnlyDust instead of directly on GitHub?
While GitHub is the platform for making your contributions, OnlyDust offers a an overview of the most trending and active projects in the Web3 space. It saves you time by providing direct visibility into projects open for contributions.

Additionally, OnlyDust allows you to track your contributions, creating a valuable portfolio if you're job hunting. And, if eligible, you receive rewards for your contributions directly through OnlyDust. This integration between visibility, reward, and contribution is what sets OnlyDust apart.

Choosing projects
When picking a project, go for ones that genuinely interest you. There's no need to spread yourself thin across multiple projects hoping to get accepted. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Get to know the project
Before making your first contribution:

  • Read Up: Familiarize yourself with the project. Many have "contribution guidelines" listed on their GitHub page. This is your roadmap to contributing effectively.
  • Join the Community: Most projects have Telegram or Discord groups. Join them! Introducing yourself and getting to know the community is invaluable. Here, you can ask questions, seek guidance, and connect with fellow contributors.

Why it matters
These steps do more than just prepare you—they integrate you into the project's ecosystem. Understanding the project deeply and connecting with its community not only enhances your contribution but also enriches your overall experience.