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Rewards and payments

Pending payment requests

On OnlyDust, once you have made an eligible contribution and the project has rewarded you (woohoo! 🥳), you will be able to see the details of this in your "Rewards" dashboard.

In order to receive your reward, you will need to request payment to receive it. This in turn will automatically trigger an invoice or a payment receipt - keeping things compliant, error free and up to date.

When you make a payment request, you will be able to notify which rewards you want to include or exclude and then go through the process of invoicing (or getting your receipt).

For more information regarding "invoicing & taxes", please visit the previous post.

Kindly note that for invoicing purposes, the exchange rate applied must be the one from the date the tokens were officially granted as rewards on the platform. This is a mandated accounting and legal guideline. Therefore, the applicable exchange rate is not influenced by the date the invoice is issued or the date payment is received.

Payments are made twice a week and can take up to five days to reach you, if you have provided a bank account.