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How to start


On a monthly basis, we launch an ODHack week where we select a number of projects to participate and ask project leads to open a number of issues (across all levels) as well a number of good first issues!

This was our second edition of the ODHack

The goal of this event is to welcome newcomers, promote open-source contribution, and support regular contributors interested in exploring new projects. It is also to help give projects a boost looking to onboard new contributors to further advance their goals!

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During this ODHack, rewards are sent for eligible contributions, a community is created and merch is sent πŸ˜„. The idea is to continue supporting the open-source journey, which we know can sometimes feel lonely.

We also team up with local communities to create meetups where you can meet fellow contributors and feel supported ❀️.

Visit our Hackathon page here to sign up for the next one.