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Got a project?

Grants & Sponsors

We know that funding can help give your project a boost.

We are thus grateful that we can support your growth via our "sponsor" feature or our regular "grant applications".

Your project page features a "sponsor project" button (top right), making it easy for partners to sponsor your work. Sharing your project page can attract sponsors interested in supporting your vision. While you can't sponsor your own project, you're encouraged to sponsor others.

You will have the option to choose which network you'd like to sponsor the project or if it's from your own personal account. Once you select the option, you will be asked in which currency and how much you would like to send.

Applying for grants
We periodically open grant applications, collaborating with ecosystems like Starknet and Optimism. You must have a project on OnlyDust to be able to apply. We have made the process easier by allowing you in just a few clicks and with a few description, to let the voting committee know why you should get a grant.

Stay tuned on social media and in our Telegram group for announcements. Additionally, we will soon provide our own grant applications to give you a boost!