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Rewards and payments

Eligible contributions

A common question that may arise when one embarks on the open source adventure is "how are contributions rewarded". Whilst there is not a one-fit for all answer (as it highly depends on each project) we can have a look at what constitutes an eligible contribution.

So, what counts as a contribution?

As mentioned, contributions can vary widely from one project to another. Generally, a contribution includes:

  • Resolving an issue
  • Conducting code reviews
  • Enhancing documentation
  • Submitting Pull Requests (PRs)

Each project on OnlyDust sets its own criteria for what they consider a contribution. It's important to get familiar with these criteria for the project you're interested in, so be sure to look at what issues are often provided by the project. When in doubt, don't hesitate to reach out to project leads.

Earning rewards for your contributions

The criteria for rewarding contributions also differ from project to project, based on their individual budgets and guidelines. Engaging with the project’s community and connecting with project leads is a great way to understand the specifics of how contributions are rewarded.

However, a helpful tip is to focus on building trust within the community before inquiring about rewards! Showing genuine interest in the project and its goals will naturally lead to opportunities for eligible contributions.

Getting paid for your contributions

If your contribution meets the project's criteria and is approved, you'll be eligible for a reward 🎉.

Payments are facilitated via OnlyDust, so ensuring your profile is verified through KYC/KYB and your payout information is up to date is necessary to be able to receive rewards.

Payments are issued twice each week, keeping the process timely and efficient!

Crypto or Fiat? It's up to the project

On OnlyDust, you can get rewarded in crypto or in fiat. The form of payment —be it crypto (like USDC, STRK, OP, $LORDS) or fiat (USD)—depends on the project lead's preference and the ecosystem the project is built on. If you are wondering in which currency you will be rewarded in, we advise you to discuss directly with project leads.

If you have enquiries on how to invoice, we have a post dedicated to that!