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Update: 6 Feb '24


New, new, new: Introducing the "sponsor" feature!

This new feature will make it more simple to back projects you believe in, or to showcase your project to prospective sponsors seeking to offer their support. The goal is to offer you a quick and easy way to support projects or request grants without fuss.

On each project page, you will notice a button on the right hand side of your page where you can click and fill out how you would like to sponsor the project.

You will then have the option to choose which network you'd like to sponsor the project or if it's from your own personal account. Once you select the option, you will be asked in which currency and how much you would like to send.

Fill it all out to submit a request and we will get back to you shortly with the next steps.

Along with this feature, we have also worked on addressing a few other issues:

  • Requesting your Telegram Handle:
    • For all new contributors, we will ask you to provide a Telegram handle. This will greatly help us to reach out to you when project opportunities arise. If you do not have a Telegram account, we'll provide you with a link to set it up. For all current contributors, feel free to add your TG handle if you haven't already done 😉!
  • Uniformizing the look & feel of OD:
    • Just making things look nice and making sure everything is consistent 💅. We uniformized the links on the platform.
  • Changing Twitter logo to 'X':
    • This won't change your life, but time to get onboard and start calling Twitter for what it is 😄!