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Update: 16 Feb'24


Big update for the community: introducing KYC & KYB!

The team has been hard at working addressing two very important topics: security & invoicing (more on this part in a future update).

As OnlyDust continues to grow, ensuring the security of transactions (even more) has become necessary. Our aim is to eliminate all funny business and stay in compliance with legal requirements.

To achieve this, we are introducing KYC (for individuals) & KYB (for businesses) —a streamlined process designed to verify individual identities.

This will be required when a payment is pending.

Note that we highly recommend that you start the KYC process ASAP to be able to receive your STRKs! They will be distributed from the 20th of February onwards to those that have a validated KYC profile.

On your billing profile (whether for an individual or for a company), when you have received a payment and haven’t yet verified your identity, you will now be asked to do so.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 15.26.04.png

Start the verification process, make sure you have a valid identity card at hand and proof of residency. We will keep you posted along the way and you will see the status of process (pending, processing...etc).

If there are problems with the process, we will notify you and you can re-do your verification. You can equally contact us whenever needed.

If you don’t have a pending payment, we still recommend you to go through this process so that you don’t need to do it the next time you receive a payment.

If you have done the verification process, but your payout information is missing, we will give you a heads up for you to fill it out.

Besides the KYC & KYB feature which the team had worked hard on, we have also made a few cool updates that you may like.

  • For example, on your profile page, you will now be able to refresh your GitHub account. For instance, if there were updates made (such as a change in your handle name), you can easily resync the account with the new information. You can also personalize your profile page even more, by adding a banner.
  • On the "browse through projects" page, you will notice that the layout filters have changed. Now you can filter projects according to whether you are looking for an active community, a fast-paced environment, or where newcomers are welcome! Each project is tagged with a label that has been calculated dynamically. Below each tag:
    • Hot community: project that have a high number of active contributors.
    • Newbies welcome: project that onboard new contributors regularly
    • Likely to reward: project that can reward a work well done.
    • Work in progress: project that have open issues ready to tackle.
    • Fast and furious: project that is moving fast with a lot of contributions completed
    • Big whale: project that have rewarded big.
  • You will also be able to browse through the ecosystems that you'd like to contribute to. Remember, we currently work with Starknet, Ethereum, Optimism, Aptos, Aztec and Zama. More to come 😉.

For project leads, in the "Rewards" tab, we have built a feature where you will now be able to see a whole overview of the remaining budget that you have (in the currencies your project works in) as well as the total amount spent.

This was a highly requested feature, so we are happy that this is out!