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Update: Project insights & Currency rewards


New updates on the project lead front! Say hello to brand new insights and a much more fluid way to send rewards.

Project Insights

After having discussed to a number of project leads, we noticed that it was important for you to have useful means to keep tract on your respective projects. When you go into your project, you will see a tab which will detail four sections.

These four sections are the following:

  • New contributors
    • This section will give you an overview or who has their first contribution assigned so that you can follow up if needed. This will be updated on a monthly basis. The information is based on the new ones that arrived in the previous month.
  • Most active contributors
    • This section will show you the top contributors for your project, from the most active to the least. It is based on the total number of contributions made on the project. You will be able to see how many PRs they closed, how many issues they completed and how many code reviews they made.
  • Struggling contributors
    • This part highlights contributions on which contributors are struggling on based on whether a PR is open for more than 10 days, an issue or review is assigned for more than 10 days or a review. This will be color-coded according to how long they have been struggling for.
  • Churned contributors
    • Here, you will be able to see contributors who stopped contributing on a project. This allows you to follow up and see their profile.

Reward flow

Good news, we have made it much more intuitive to reward your contributors! 🥳

Now, you can easily find the editable input to put in the amount you wish to reward, and to pick the currency that you'd like to convert to.

The input will always be in USD, but the currency will change according to what you have. If you don't have another currency, there is no need for conversion. We have also added quick action buttons to allow you to pre-fill a define amount in USD and you can also see your current project budget.