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New ecosystems page


A brand new ecosystems page is now up and running! Our goal is to enhance your user experience as you embark on your web3 journey.

The product team has developed a tab where you can explore the ecosystems we currently collaborate with. Based on feedback from our community, we understand the need for guidance on which ecosystem is best to start with, what languages are necessary, and other related questions. This new feature aims to help you find the best ecosystem for your needs, based on what you want to build and the skills required.

You will have an overview of the top blockchain ecosystems and the projects available within them. By clicking on an ecosystem of interest, you can see projects with beginner-friendly issues and explore projects by language.

Additionally, we’ve provided a leaderboard for each ecosystem, allowing you to check out the most active contributors in the community. This is a great way to view their profiles and contact them for any questions or guidance.

Plus it motivates you to be a top contributor 😉.