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Contributor's profile & more


Over the last few weeks the team has been working on a few exciting features that will make more than one person happy!

Let's introduce the new and improved contributor's profile, the Hackathons page and the Node Guardians rewards boost 🥁.

Contributor's profile

Having spoken to a number of project leads and partners, we noticed that identifying new potential contributors was something very useful to many. Up till now, a contributor's profile remained basic - you could see their contribution activity, projects that they have contributed to and how much they have earned.

Now, you will be able to see so much more! For contributors, it's a great way to showcase your profile like a "CV" and for project leads, you will be able to identify profiles that you'd be interested in having join your project.

On the new revamped contributor's profile, everyone will be able to see:

  • How you rank amongst other contributors on the platform
    • Depending on your ranking, you'll get a fancy name 😉. The ranking is based on a mix between the number of contributions, the number of rewards received and the number of rewards sent.
  • a contributor's most active language(s)
    • These are color-coded based on how active you were in that language
  • most active ecosystem(s)
    • Same as above, it is color-coded
  • The latest PR merged, closed issues and if they were rewarded or not
  • Total earned by project (in dollars)
  • Work distribution
    • Pie chart with different categories such as merged PRs, closed issues, code reviews...

You will also be able to see the full detail by language and by ecosystem (how many contributions, on how many projects and how many rewards received and earned).

Hackathons page

Most of you will now be aware that we organize monthly hackathons (ODHacks). But we also have had requests from other universes (Dojo 👀 ❤️) that organize their hackathons and jams to be able to communicate via our platform and distribute the rewards directly from there.

The tech-team has therefore done an awesome job by creating a new sub-section on the platform - Hackathons - where you will be able to see the hackathons currently ongoing, the previous editions and sign up for the next ones.

But more features will come out on the Hackathon page, where organizers will be able to select the projects participating in a hack, add in budget and reward winners easily.

Node Guardians boost rewards

Last but not least, with the partnership that we have with Node Guardians (more info here), the team had to find a way to fetch, calculate and apply reward boosts for contributors on Starknet projects. We are happy to say that we have already rewarded 9 contributors who participated in the quest!

As a reminder, the collaboration offers Node Guardians users who tackle Cairo Quests the chance to earn additional rewards on the OnlyDust platform for completing tasks:

  • 2% additional reward for those who have completed at least 3 Cairo quests.
  • 5% additional reward for those who have completed at least 6 Cairo quests, including quests with a difficulty rating of 3/4/5 swords.
  • 10% additional reward for those who have completed at least 10 Cairo quests, including at least one quest with a 5-sword difficulty rating.