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Maintainers: track applications on your open issues


No more going into your repo on GitHub to browse through who commented on issues, assigning the tasks and wondering about their progress. You can now do this directly from the OnlyDust platform!

We heard you. It was time-consuming to switch between OnlyDust and GitHub to manage assigning tasks. It lacked centralization, and it was difficult not knowing much about the contributors who wanted to be assigned to an issue—whether they were a good fit for the project or not.

But that is a thing of the past! Now that contributors can apply for a "good first issue" directly on the platform, maintainers no longer need to jump between different GitHub repositories, guess who commented on what, or wonder about a contributor's progress. Now, you can handle everything in one place.

Note that in order to assign issues from the platform, you will be asked to update the GitHub permissions to allow this.

New "Applications" Tab

To address your pain points, we’ve added an "applications" tab where you can see who has applied to your open issues. in order to have this all in one space and invite them to connect onto the project on the platform.

Here’s what you will be able to see when a contributor applies:

  • Application date
  • Repo details
  • Applicant information
  • Issue name (currently limited to good first issues)

When you click "review application," a new side window will open where you can review detailed information provided by contributors about themselves and their qualifications. This enhanced view allows you to see who is new to the project, who has been contributing already, and how many issues each person is working on.

With all this information, you can confidently choose the best contributor for each issue.

After assigning, you’ll be taken back to the contributions page, where you can easily track the progress of your contributors.

We also automatically detect applications that are done on GitHub. When this is detected, a comment is directly posted, inviting the contributor to come onto OnlyDust and proceed with the application.

This process is designed to make issue assignment more efficient and to help you better manage your project’s contributors. And remember, this is just the beginning—we’re going to continuously improve this feature with more new things to come 👀!